Automating Hugo deployments with Werker and Github.

I will assume you have a Github account, so the first step is to create a Werker account, I use my Github account to sign up with, I would recommend the same. Go here to grab an account. We want to be able to deploy Hugo as root, so its done correctly, and to be able to restart Nginx once complete. So log into your webserver, where the site lives, and create a new user, this example is creating deployer as the user. »

Commands for a System Administrator Part 3

Commands for a System Administrator, Part 1 Commands for a System Administrator, Part 2 1. diff diff is used to compare two files, line by line. The most common flags I use are -iyw, ‘i’ for ignored case differences, ‘y’ for a side by side comparison, and ‘w’ to ignore all whitespaces and ‘–suppress-common-lines’ does not show duplicate lines. There are many other options for diff, but these I find give the easiest output to read. »

Reset your MariaDB / MySQL root password

This guide was tested on CentOS 7, which is using systemd and Mariadb. For those using sysvinit or upstart replace the stop/start commands with service mariadb start and service mariadb stop, where MySQL is installed, replace mariadb with mysql or mysqld e.g. service mysql stop I needed to reset the root password for MariaDB the other day and I couldn’t find any articles with easy copy and paste commands with clear explanation. »